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Sheep go to heaven

goats go to hell

7 October 1987
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Never slap a man with a sword.
I love white boy fros.

I am currently living in the state known as Missouri but I grew up all the way down in Alabamy. I am pretty much obsessed with Queen, British comedy and my boyfriend. I have been in a few short movies here and there, I wouldn't mind making a career out of this but mostly I would like to study sharks for the rest of my life and hopefully live in New Zealand with an army of penguins and hedgehogs. I am on the internet way too much for my own comfort. I read Encyclopedia Dramatica too much (with Chris-Chan being my favorite topic). I like vidya gaymes mostly Super Ghouls and Ghosts, Silent Hill and Suikoden.

This journal was mostly just random thoughts, sentences, things I need to get off my chest, hopes dreams fanatsies, life in general. Here and there I will post a random image or j-pop video just to get your attention. Now I just use this journal to lurk in communities and stuff.

I have sold a million mirrors in a shopping alley way. I have been stalked by a celebrity. I don't usually write this much about myself.

I am sure this is me in an old life






All right I will let you go now. All images used on profile, layout and icons are copyright to their respected owners but all edited by me. If you think I am interesting please do add me! Comment on my journal and I will comment as much as possible!

Thank you and goodbye!

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