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Sea Creature Highlight (1)

I have decided to start doing this maybe once every two weeks, just to get it all off my chest. I would like to share my love for sea life with almost everyone I know, so why not put all the facts I know down on a blog? EH? EH?

Shortfin Mako
Isurus oxyrinchus

I decided to start off my sea creature highlight with one of my favorite sharks, the shortfin mako. It is one of the fastest sharks in the sea. It can reach speeds up to at least 25 miles per hour! 

From the pointed nose all the way to the end of the tailfin, this shark has a sleek and dynamic design. The eyes are large, round and black. The teeth are nearly always showing. The back is usually metallic blue and it fades into the tummy area which is a greyish white. They can reach up 6-8 feet in length but there have been reports of them reaching up to 13 feet! They also weigh over 1,000 pounds depending on the size of the specimen.

                                                    mako shark

Since makos are reletively fast and active sharks they can be found dining on things such as tuna fish, dolphins and sometimes even other sharks! They are usually found in warm waters hanging around coral reefs and undersea caves. 

Due to it being a popular gamefish and a popular shark to use in sharkfin soup, the shortfin mako has been moved to the endangered species list. Even though it is at a low risk level right now, in a few years it will be moved to a high risk state.

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