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Sea Creature Highlight (2)

Ocean Sunfish
Mola Mola

This thing is made of pure terror. With a weight of about one ton and a length of 11 feet and a height of 6 feet, this makes the Sunfish the largest bony fish in the ocean. They also have the smallest spinal cord of any fish at almost less than one inch.
A female Sunfish can hold up to 300 million eggs this makes it the most reproductive vertebrate in the world. The mouth of the Sunfish is unable to close and its teeth form a beak shape. It is sometimes mistaken for a shark. When they are basking in the sun the dorsal fin protrudes out of the water much like a sharks fin and they often swim close to the surface like most sharks. They seem to be found in only temperate areas of the world, mostly in South America and Africa.

Well isn't that just special.


The Ocean Sunfish dines on jellyfish, crustaceans, and other small marine animals. Due to pollution, whenever plastic bags are left out to drift in the sea the Sunfish sometimes mistakes this for its favorite meal and either chokes to death or dies of starvation from its stomach being clogged up.

Since they are closely related to puffer fish  they carry similar toxins in their skin. Some consider their flesh a delicacy. It is usually prepared by careful slicing and broiling. Some parts of the Sunfish are also used in Chinese medicine.

The Sunfish has very odd behaviors such as when they bask in the sun birds feed off the parasites on the Sunfish's body and when the birds are done on one side the Sunfish flips over and lets them feed off the other. They have also been spotted jumping out of the water up to 9 or 10 feet out of the water to be exact! They are also able to spit heavy jets of water from their beak or gills from something called a clavus(?)

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