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[16 Apr 2020|12:38am]

My old journal is here: pixietook
Don't be shy :3
6 had enough|I'm coming home

[19 Nov 2014|01:51pm]
As of 11/19/2014, I still lurk the communities I follow, so don't delete me from any of the journals please!
I'm coming home

[14 May 2009|04:27pm]
[ mood | jubilant ]

Yesterday was insane.

First I was excited about my interview! I was getting our friends Steve and Lisa to come over and take me to the interview all was good and I was watching videos of Hedgehogs and also looking up breeder info about them where I could see if I could get a specific one for less but no luck.

Anyways at around 12:50 I started to get ready for my interview and then Steve and Lisa call up saying that they couldn't make it!!!! So I started freaking out and crying while I was gathering my stuff up for the interview because it ended up I was going to have to go an hour early and I didn't have time to fix my makeup or anything because luckily Brad was still home but he had to be at work at 1:00! Waugh! James went into rage mode and called up Steve and stuff and was saying that if they weren't there to pick us up that he would beat him up and stuff haha. James is very protective of me and he hates to see anyone make me cry. In the end I got there and got my makeup on and it all went smoothly. I did fine and they said that I would definitely get a call back for my second interview so hooray!

We broke our diets to celebrate because we went to A&W/KFC and got the root beer floats and of course I got buffalo snackers!! It was great and Steve and Lisa showed up and whatnot and I ended up riding in the back of a truck and getting some sun on my legs. It was a nice day outside so I didn't mind. I almost took a nap back there but since home is so close I has just barely gotten my eyes closed.

Ended up Steves car died at our house but my roomie Matt let him borrow his car whenever he had come home for lunch. Turns out Steve's battery had not been getting a charge so he went to Wal*Mart to get it charged and whatnot and while we were there we got beer and stuff since it was a night of celebrating (because also Steve had an interview earlier in the day as well!) I drank a lot more than I have drank in a long time. We even made jello shots which were made entirely too strong BY JAMES! >:O

It started storming whenever we first started drinking (not drunk yet) and I was like "OMG the neighbors aren't home and their bunny is still outside! He is going to get blown away or drowned or something else horrible!" so me and Steve put on homemade rain ponchos (garbage bags) and went out and got the bunny. We were soaked and he was soaked but we got him dried off and I let him poop and pee on my little mermaid blanket but that wasn't the intetnion of it I just wanted him to be warm ok. He was a chilled out bunny. He let us all pet him without him freaking out and eventually he was just laying down eating spinach and drinking water. He was so sweet. Once the storm died down we put him back outside because James was nervous of the neighbors getting mad at us (if you knew our neighbors you would know) but I told him that if it started storming again I was going to go get him again, I didn't care what the neighbors thought! (They still aren't home today btw)

SO ANYWAYS we all were really drunk last night. James, Steve and Brad started talking about old adventures and whatnot and I just kept saying "Why don't we still do things like this?!!!!" Steve said we would do something crazy once he got a car. Brad kept asking why we didn't still do things like that as well and James said because we are lame. So I kept pushing for it and eventually we ended up going on a random adventure. We went to the Oklahoma boarder drunk as hell...except Brad because he was driving and we each spent 5 dollars at a casino. Hahaha it was fun. I had never been to a casino before. I had won back twice the money I had and then James got jealous and then I lost all my money boo hoo hoo I blame it on him. I mostly played on a Tomb Raider slot machine that they had. I want to steal that machine because it was awesome.

Finally we left the casino only slightly still buzzed except Steve was completely sober by now so he drove and we went a wacky way home as in we had no idea where we were at all. We swear we saw a strange man sized creature on the side of the road. Which it was scary and Steve was like LETS GO BACK and I kept saying LETS DONT! LETS JUST IMAGINE IT DIDN'T EXIST! Eventually we got back to a road that lead us home and on the way I sweat that I saw the spooklight (look it up!) I am tellin ya that wasn't no firefly because it was too big and it wasn't a reflection of an animals eyes or anything because yet again it was big and it had a light trail.

We got home at around 5 and fell right asleep! It was so much fun. I want to do more stuff like this! I live for random adventures!

I'm coming home

Sea Creature Highlight (2) [07 May 2007|01:55am]
[ mood | uncomfortable ]

Ocean Sunfish
Mola Mola

This thing is made of pure terror. With a weight of about one ton and a length of 11 feet and a height of 6 feet, this makes the Sunfish the largest bony fish in the ocean. They also have the smallest spinal cord of any fish at almost less than one inch.
A female Sunfish can hold up to 300 million eggs this makes it the most reproductive vertebrate in the world. The mouth of the Sunfish is unable to close and its teeth form a beak shape. It is sometimes mistaken for a shark. When they are basking in the sun the dorsal fin protrudes out of the water much like a sharks fin and they often swim close to the surface like most sharks. They seem to be found in only temperate areas of the world, mostly in South America and Africa.

Well isn't that just special.


The Ocean Sunfish dines on jellyfish, crustaceans, and other small marine animals. Due to pollution, whenever plastic bags are left out to drift in the sea the Sunfish sometimes mistakes this for its favorite meal and either chokes to death or dies of starvation from its stomach being clogged up.

Since they are closely related to puffer fish  they carry similar toxins in their skin. Some consider their flesh a delicacy. It is usually prepared by careful slicing and broiling. Some parts of the Sunfish are also used in Chinese medicine.

The Sunfish has very odd behaviors such as when they bask in the sun birds feed off the parasites on the Sunfish's body and when the birds are done on one side the Sunfish flips over and lets them feed off the other. They have also been spotted jumping out of the water up to 9 or 10 feet out of the water to be exact! They are also able to spit heavy jets of water from their beak or gills from something called a clavus(?)

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Sea Creature Highlight (1) [30 Apr 2007|12:29am]
[ mood | dorky ]

I have decided to start doing this maybe once every two weeks, just to get it all off my chest. I would like to share my love for sea life with almost everyone I know, so why not put all the facts I know down on a blog? EH? EH?

Shortfin Mako
Isurus oxyrinchus

I decided to start off my sea creature highlight with one of my favorite sharks, the shortfin mako. It is one of the fastest sharks in the sea. It can reach speeds up to at least 25 miles per hour! 

From the pointed nose all the way to the end of the tailfin, this shark has a sleek and dynamic design. The eyes are large, round and black. The teeth are nearly always showing. The back is usually metallic blue and it fades into the tummy area which is a greyish white. They can reach up 6-8 feet in length but there have been reports of them reaching up to 13 feet! They also weigh over 1,000 pounds depending on the size of the specimen.

                                                    mako shark

Since makos are reletively fast and active sharks they can be found dining on things such as tuna fish, dolphins and sometimes even other sharks! They are usually found in warm waters hanging around coral reefs and undersea caves. 

Due to it being a popular gamefish and a popular shark to use in sharkfin soup, the shortfin mako has been moved to the endangered species list. Even though it is at a low risk level right now, in a few years it will be moved to a high risk state.

I'm coming home

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